Artist Statement

 My work is about light and time, as they animate the elements, earth, living beings, and vessels such a books. Suspension of motion and time is an underlying theme of much of my work, as in the apparent stopping of motion in pond ice patterns. 

For many years I was a professional photographer for dance companies, both ballet and modern. In a persistent but not always intentional way, this interest has infused my personal photography with many references to concepts and inventions of choreography. Fugue is a rhythm for photobook sequencing. Still point, suspension, gravity, flow, air moment work in image dynamics.  

My images are photographs, montage, collage, and photobooks. Many images are taken in what I imagine to be theatres, spaces giving room for fantasy, myth, alchemy, electricity, and the convergence of opposites.

Creative influences on me include David Hockney, Edward Weston, Martha Graham, Dylan Thomas, and Frederico Fellini... Hockney for deconstruct/reconstruct, Weston for rendering light, Thomas for sparks and undercurrents, Graham for movement loaded with inner meaning, and Fellini for magic, alchemy, and surprise.